Thursday, August 3, 2017

Super Sentai 2018 Rumors, the "New Car" Sentai?!

Thanks to Oxanium from rangerboard, via J-Hero for this bit of news. Now I had already reported on twitter that the rumor is "cars" for next year's entry into the franchise, and also just recently that the show may have "Shinsha" in the title. ("New Car").

But the rest of this, along with a supposed leak image/artist concept, is new. Please take with a grain of salt!

First, the above picture. While it's probably not real, it's interesting to look at. The mouthpiece is actually the bottom of a giant #1. The visor overlays that and there seems to be something breaking it up, either a picture or a symbol. Definitely a cool design.

As for info:

-Sentai is celebrating a 10-year anniversary next yer. (i.e. Go-Onger)

-The motif is Cars + 3D technology (animals possibly involved again)

-3 Members to start, with 2 additional members already hinted, like Go-Onger

-The weapon seems to be called the "IronFinisher" (translation likely off) and is modeled after a car part


  1. Please don't make the new super sentai suits look stupid for next year like Toqger or Zyuohger please. And no more animal-motif please, because I want to it so technology, cosmetic and logically.

  2. Please make it really cool and epically.

  3. Wait, what if you Super sentai started with a 2-Core (Red & Pink for example) from the start, then gotten 3 additional heroes (Brown, Purple and Orange for another example) next, and finally gotten the 6th sentai Warrior (Copper, bronze or Iron for example) later on? Same question: What if?

  4. motor sentai motorborg class rainbow rangers put 3 on 3 two girl each other side team yellow girl white girl purple girls girl pink girls sliver girl blue girl green girls brown boy grey boy 2018 orange boy black boy gold boy 20 18 motor sentai motorborg class rainbow rangers 3 on 3 each team did

  5. and forgot one six rangers 3 each team also